Environmental Enhancements

The ethos of the practice is to take the opportunity where possible to restore or enhance biodiversity.

Many of the projects undertaken recently have provided the scope to do this whether by restoring paddocks to unimproved grassland, or turning around sites that appear to be disadvantaged in some way.

Island sites have issues of cost in bringing to site new topsoil and large quantities of compost. Our sustainable approach has enabled an exciting design with a low cost, positive outcome that has made use of the ‘disadvantage’ in a low engineered solution of habitat recreation.

Red Cow Farm - Click to enlarge

Red Cow Farm

Part of our project was to provide screening to the river bank from the construction site, and to include proposals for active management of the riparian habitat to control invasive plants such as Himalayan Balsam and encourage colonisation of native plants.


Mayfield Farm - Click to enlarge

Mayfield Farm

Our Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment of this site resulted in a very sensitive approach to the management of the wider landscape of the farm by engaging with the local Wildlife Trust. We have proposed a working partnership between the owner and the Trust to restore and manage the meadows in a more traditional way that will encourage opportunities for pollinators, animals and birds.


Hayling Golf Club   - Click to enlarge

Hayling Golf Club .

A planting palette for the club that reflects the planting found in vegetated shingle of the adjacent nature reserve that will augment the opportunities for biodiversity and create a corridor of native planting across the area of the golf club.


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