Portfolio: Private Clients

Landscape proposals for private gardens have provided some unusual design solutions.

Japanese Garden Photo - Click to enlarge

Japanese Garden

This garden which had conventional lawn and shrub borders has been transformed into a Japanese garden with gravel and railway sleepers stained black to form terraces. The granite bridge, water tap fountain and bamboo panels were imported from the far east to create an authentic feel to the garden. Bamboo’s, maple and cryptomeria all contribute to the oriental atmosphere. Individually selected Derbyshire boulders have been used to represent the traditional Japanese stones, and the garden is lit at night to focus on specimen shrubs and the water features.


Terracing Photo - Click to enlarge

Terracing, Jersey, Channel Islands.

A detailed landscape survey was carried out on a steep bank where the vegetation had become very overgrown. After selective clearance of trees and shrubs, steps and terracing were built to access the bank to carry out planting and maintenance.


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