Portfolio: Public Realm

These projects require particular care in choice of materials and planting theme to reflect existing character and integrate varying land uses. Providing attractive and resilient landscape to urban areas, provides a rich habitat for birds and mammals.

Red Cow Farm - Click to enlarge

Red Cow Farm.

The landscape proposal for this site includes an area of public open space between the river and a new road. The aim here was to do as little as possible apart from planting new copses of native shrubs in the grassland. Closer to the river, a boardwalk that enables safe access to the river, for pond dipping in the shallows created by re-profiling the riverbank.


Broadlaw Walk Plan - Click to enlarge

Broadlaw Walk, Portsmouth.

This shopping and housing development was built in the 1960ís but had become dilapidated over the years. A new development will provide more dwelling units, better parking facilities and an attractive environment for shoppers and residents.


Monks Brook Photo - Click to enlarge

Monks Brook, Eastleigh.

These playing fields, next to the M27 were bleak and windy in the winter and presented an unwelcoming appearance to the gateway to Southampton. Extensive planting of native species including plum, cherry, pear, guelder rose, dogwood and willow has created shelter, an attractive landscape and a rich habitat for birds and mammals which abound in the dense cover.


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